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Thread: Gemma Stone

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    Gemma Stone

    Hey gents

    I'm coming to Vancouver in a couple of weeks and it would be great if I could see Gemma while I'm there. She was my go to while living in Van a few years back.

    Is she still around, has anyone heard from her recently?


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    I've never seen her personally but I believe I saw in some threads she was Brooke Smith nguyen who is rebranded as Kasey nguyen now on LL but don't quote me on it.

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    She’s Kasey Nguyen now. Just as hot as before.

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    It's Kasey Nguyen...currently in my rotation for fit AF with boobs lol

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    Thanks guys! I've been trying to contact her with the email address she used while she was Gemma, but I guess she doesn't use it anymore?

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    any reviews of her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwell View Post
    any reviews of her?
    If you search Gemma Stone or Kasey Nguyen there’s tons of reviews

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