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Thread: San Jose Del Cabo

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    San Jose Del Cabo

    Can anyone offer suggestions for massage or F.S. providers there?
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    The major strip club is lord blacks some of the girls do extras But it’s pricey . In Cabo there’s lots of massage parlours,Most offer full-serviceis some girls will solicit you off the street others will just be in the windows just walk down some of the side streets and check out the talent There are some hidden germs there and you can negotiate prices just don’t walk in when the local police are close . They usually open up around noon and go to around midnight . Just need to do a little walking there’s more than you think

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    Thanks Tivad
    I am very familiar with the Cabo scene I was wondering more about the San Jose del Cabo area and hoping to find some fun around there
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    How about a little further north in Los Barilles? Anyone with suggestions up there.

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    Love Los Bareilles checkout the "officina" up on the highway there is fun to be had there
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    Thanks nmjoff. I’m assuming you’ve been there. Just wondering what to expect. Im a little inexperienced with the Méxican ways. Is it a walk in and take your pick of the ladies available kind of situation. What can I expect to donate?

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    Never done San Jose del Cabo, but my golden rule for Mexico is if there are ladies outside a massage place wearing anything but the masseuse garb, HJ to FS is available. Some places without ladies out front offer services too. Generally there are at least a few sitting/standing out front, they give you a little look, say “massage” and it’s very apparent what’s up. Don’t be shy to refuse the lady who propositions you to choose the one beside her or ask the manager about one you saw earlier, last night etc. Never hurts to look the name of the place up on google maps as the reviews can tell a lot. The better places do legit spa services, female and couples massage too so don’t be deterred by “normal” seeming reviews, but there should be some by guys praising the place and ladies.
    I just got back from PV and had two FS combined massage sessions, half hour sex and half hour massage, but it was more like 45 minutes of sex for both. Prices were high in my experience at $1500 HJ, $2000 BJ $2500 FS ($105, $175, $210 CAD) but these were the hottest and youngest Latinas I’ve ever seen in places like this which happened to be a block off the Malecon. One did BBJ and CIM for an extra $500 (well worth it) and the other included BBJ but no CIM. They were both great. One went from looking away and uncomfortable to prolonged eye contact while kegeling as I fingered her wetness on the massage table. The other was more confident and super cute but had just the slightest feminine odour and a club foot which both threw me off on a primal level but she was a total sweetheart and a champ provider. A bit of advice I’d offer is to insist that the masseuse take a shower before as my first did not after our session and my second didn’t balk at my suggestion and happily accepted a fresh face cloth and bottle of shower gel I gave her.
    I walked from a similar place that offered HJ for $1000 as I wasn’t attracted to the masseuses and none spoke English.
    Had a FS/ massage in the big city of Guadalajara on the tail end of my trip for $1800( I know they padded the price by $200 but didn’t care to bring it up) that was a bit of a disappointment as the place is known to have the best chicas in town and is also the most expensive. This place has a first rate men’s spa/barbershop downstairs (common in GDL) with a lineup area and rooms upstairs. The first three they showed me were soso but one looked like a user which was a huge turn off. Said I was leaving and surprise surprise a blonde blue eyed bilingual Mex American 20 something and 25 yo morena with a huge rack join the line up. Chose the latter as I was in Mexico and craving the local flavour. She had an excellent body, butt, tight shaved kitty, bit of a rough complexion and a sub par boob job on what were probably a great natural set of Cs turned into DDs. Massage was great but the BBJ was lacking/shallow and combined with a rapid HJ as if I was going to bust out of the gate...almost lost me...and she was going overboard with the fake moaning. A weird twist though: she sensed my dissatisfaction and started talking dirty, “what’s the matter, not dirty enough for you? You want to spank me, choke me? Angry at me?” Ding ding ding. After a bit of bantering and an exquisite HJ junior is revived and erupts after a very brief but intense reverse cow girl with ass smacking, light hair pulling while she cursed in Spanish and moaned(fake? I didn’t mind lol). Probably my best recovery come to think of it, but the lame start and BBJ were insulting as she was clearly capable of much much more.
    I recommend to familiarize yourself in the value of the peso and to negotiate the extras in the local currency. Some places will try to chisel you for each little thing as an extra so it’s good to agree to everything up front, especially if the manager speaks English but the masseuse doesn’t.
    Have fun down there!

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    Good info Thanks Newb.
    Your review is what my experience in Cabo San Lucas, man I have to get to Guadalajara...
    found a few potential opportunities on Locanto

    Also if anyone is considering any pooning in Mexico Stay away fro "Millereroticos" site... its Malo
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    Guadalajara is a big, fun, wild city with so many beautiful women in every walk of life especially the vibrant-tolerated sex work scene. If you go, be prepared to use the love motels or get a guest friendly hotel near the love motels as the ladies almost exclusively do outcalls in certain neighbourhoods. The estáticas masculinas (barbershop-spa/brothel)are fun and easy to use but better service, prices and low volume ladies are online, generally. They have a board/ad site that has it all: I just run it on google chrome and it translates. Prices and extras are basically a third give or take what they would be in Vancouver for an hour and a second hour is usually an additional $20-$30 as are extras.
    My next Latin American adventure will be Colombia or the Dominican Republic but Jalisco is a great vacay/pooning destination that I will return too.

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    elforo looks great Thanks
    Have had success using
    Craigslist and Locanto in Mexico
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    I agree, craigslist works great there.
    I also met a local that hooked me up with a "person" that introduced me to some fine ass for a low fee. They are top notch

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