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Thread: anyone seen Lexi 8744

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    anyone seen Lexi 8744

    Lexi 8744 on LL. Has some really nice verified pics, has anyone been able to meet up with her yet and if so any review/info? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdub View Post
    Lexi 8744 on LL. Has some really nice verified pics, has anyone been able to meet up with her yet and if so any review/info? Thanks!
    She is still advertising, and pics do look good. Anyone seen her yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokescreend View Post
    Does it seem at all suspicious to anyone else, that this gal is constantly available/posting and is posting in multiple cities - offering outcalls everywhere, etc...?

    Something goes against the grain here, can't say for certain though what it is.
    Yah, seemed odd to me too. Apparantly tho she just comes out here to work and makes a life somewhere else. I thought crackhead, but as soon as I saw her...goddamn! No way is she a crackhead. She just here to work, period. And a lot of guys, due to other constraints, may have to get away at odd hours. So, while she is here, she's here to fuck. Take one look at her and let me

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    That is certainly one heck of a review...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokescreend View Post
    Not to sound crass, but your review and subsequent replies make one wonder as well... Being the only reviewer of what is apparently a sublime provider, is odd.
    Oh I get it. I viewed that ad for days, wondering if someone would save me the trouble. Alas, I am a fan of beautiful women, so, deep down inside I am trying to score brownie points for our next session. I'm telling you tho, she is hot. I've seen SP's since 1998 and always tried to see the glass half full, but as far as looks go, this is the one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jehmer View Post
    That is certainly one heck of a review...
    I'll admit, we need one of those chef Ramsey motherfucker type reviews to provide balance, but if they are credible, wait to see if they are honest about her looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokescreend View Post
    The next oddity, is how her number has changed. Could be nothing, but...?
    I think it's odd you keep stating oddities now. Are you trying to scare away business? All her verified pics show the new number. Even those hot ass new ones. My suggestion, go see her and report on your oddities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokescreend View Post
    I'm merely pointing out what I find to be inconsistencies, or red flags.

    Let's face it, this is a 411 thread - you're going to find people commenting about things that either give them confidence in an advertiser or give them pause.
    Hopefully though, I have addresed them. Id hate for her than to have anything less than first pick of clientele that want to see a 10 and would hate for those wanting to see a 10 waste 21 years like I did and skip to a lexi and would hate them to be scared away by "red flags" that I went to the trouble of scouting out since nobody else did, only to have them brought up like she hasnt been verified . I am no shill, have seen lots of ladies and this one floated my boat so much, id hate for fellow pooners to miss out.
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    Decided to TOFTT,
    Lexi 7445, previously 8744

    We arranged an appointment and I showed up on time. She had me wait for 25min before letting me know that she didn't know I was for sure coming and I should have confirmed again via text. No biggie, I was already eating at the nearby plaza at this point and decided to see her anyway. I asked if I could do hh and go hr if things went well. She said I had to tell her beforehand. Donation was 160hh/260hr.

    I got buzzed up. Nice apartment, clean room. Pretty face and curvy figures. She had a bit of an accent that I was certain was from Montreal, but she said she was from Toronto. Then she brought out the baby wipes like all them French girls do lol (someone should let them know baby wipes don't kill bacteria). Now here's where things went wrong. She was EXTREMELY restrictive. CBJ, no dfk/lfk -- fine. No touching hair, no kissing nipples or bodies -- I was losing interests at this point. She wouldn't completely take off her lingerie and I was not to touch MY own cock after she wiped it -- get the fuck outta here. All I was allowed to do was touch her boobs and hips; hands had to stay away from pussy. Everytime we switched position, I had to wait for her to put my cock in because no touchy after wipey.

    F: 8
    B: 8
    A: 3
    S: 2
    Visit again? No. Waste of time and waste of money.
    Oh and no MSOG
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    Also I asked her if she's moved here now from Toronto and she said she's just touring

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    Ok guys. I would feel terrible for any more people to feel at a loss. So let me clarify. I will also try to be very straightforward.

    There are, as far as I know, at least 2 types of pooners. Those who have a girlfriend/wife and those that dont.

    Those that do, may want to have the satisfaction of having their dick sucked and to fuck a 10. Nothing more. In fact, the less juices are at play, the less likely their full time woman is in for some unexpected surprises! Some guys even just get blowjobs because of that.

    Now I now people get all subjective here and we have some really tough customers who are very harsh on the ratings scale, but, if you look at this blond woman's pictures with the assurance they are not fake and are not accompanied by an ugly face, but rather quite ravishing (the one who gave an 8 didnt really say where her demerits are) and are there just to fuck her, there will be no disappountments.

    The other type of pooner (probably) doesnt have a girlfriend/wife and is looking to release all that pent up longing for female companionship on an escort and there are plenty of escorts that offer that type of service and they usually dont look like Lexi which has been my experience for 20+ years

    So to be clear, Lexi is just one step further than being at the strip club where you actually get to bang that hot stripper. Nothing more. This is exactly what I wanted to get across in my review and hopefully its clear.

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    all these touring sp's with french accents or even from Toronto are hot garbage

    they actively lie about the services provided and then pull some whacky ass shit like wipe your dick down with a wipe and tell you not to touch it again lol

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