So as promised in the other thread asking about the little redhead, Gemma, here is a short and sweet rundown. After reading her ad and understanding she doesn't discuss details or services via text prior to meeting and seeing the post about the frustration, I booked an hour with this lady and figure to put peoples mind at ease.
I texted Gemma this morning and gave a quick introduction and simply stated I would like to book an hour with her and gave a tine window. She responded within 10 minutes and we set it up. before I got there, I had about 10 minutes to kill so texted her and asked if she would like something from Starbucks. She said yes and said surprise her and thanked me. I arrived and she was very appreciative. We got introduced quickly and immediately hit it off. I won't get explicit with details here so please don't ask. But what I will say is everything is safe play. No bb anything, period. It is, however a very good GFE. Gemma is enthusiastic, attentive and provides a really good experience. I enjoyed it all including a very good massage betwen rounds. We finished off with a nice shared shower. The session was non rushed, sensual and enjoyable. Gemma is smart, witty and seems to really love her work. I will definitely try to see her again,, schedule and budget permitting.
I hope you all don't think I'm just shilling here. I realize I don't really post on these boards much but I've been doing this a long time and just wanted to let you know that Gemma is legit and a real person. I think we sometimes forget that when doing reviews. I also understand guys want to know what they are getting up front so maybe this wil help a little bit on both sides. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all.