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    Abby at VIP Spa 3641

    I just had a session earlier today and normally when a session isn't the most satisfactory, I stay silent out of respect for the provider since it might just be our lack of chemistry and I don't want to negatively impact their business by posting a bad review on perb. But I feel this time I should chime in, in case others were looking at her ad. I'll try my best to stick to the facts, since everyone's perceptions are different. Her style of domination is unique and may in fact be exactly what someone (other than me) is looking for.

    I basically saw this review and instantly got hard:

    The number in her ad (her cellphone) is 3641. The session takes place at VIP Spa on Kingsway, phone number ending in 9992. Booking was super easy, I texted the number in her LL ad and got a quick response. She asked me if I was looking for a master, and whether I was a slave. The text exchange went back and forth from there, with her dominating and humiliating me via text for quite some time before we even settled on a time to meet that day. I was extremely surprised by this and quite aroused during the text exchanges, as it's been my experience that providers try to remain professional and efficient in their communications in order to filter out the time wasters. During this text exchange, she did warn that she would show no sympathy and that she would release her anger on me. I thought this was a routine roleplay statement and didn't realize at the time that she meant it 100% literally.

    We settle on a time for the same day. I arrive, text her, and she instructs me to enter the spa and ask for Miss Abby. It's a standard AMP type place. A mamasan takes me into a massage room. Meanwhile right outside the room, another guy is in the hallway saying he also has an appointment with Abby, and is arguing with the mamasan. Abby finally comes out and tells the guy to come back in an hour. Not a great start, but whatever, things happen.

    I wait a little bit longer and Abby comes in, asks for a small amount for the room fee, with the balance of the previously agreed-upon donation to be given later. I thought this was pretty reasonable, instead of asking for the whole thing up front. She takes me into another massage room where there's a shower, sink, and massage table and tells me to take my clothes off. The shower foot towel was wet, probably from the last guy, which grossed me out a bit but whatever. When she enters the room, she's holding a can of Coors Light and yells at me and tells me she is the master/queen and that I was pathetic. When I say yell... throughout the session she actually yells at the top of her lungs. She also burps at me and takes all my clothes from the chair and SLAMS them onto the tiled floor. Thankfully I somehow sort of saw that coming and placed my cellphone and valuables into my padded jacket right before she entered the room. She jumps right into it without any pre-session discussion. Zero discussion of expectations, safewords, etc. I'm not totally opposed to this, as I find it super hot to be dominated the moment I walk in. Sometimes dommes are too nice when you first meet them, and it takes away from the magic a little bit. She starts by yelling that all she cares about is money (or something like that), repeatedly, and wastes a few minutes pulling up some rap song on Youtube that talked about money.

    She has a scepter, which the previous review alluded to. It shows that she is the queen. What the review didn't mention was that it was a dollar shop plastic scepter, and the tip had been broken (due to it being previously smashed against another peasant, as she explained). There were sharp edges to the broken plastic tip, and I had prayed that she wouldn't cut me with it when she was slapping me on the face with it. She used it to threaten me a couple times throughout the session, and all I can think of was 1. not being cut, 2. how cheap and tacky the plastic scepter was. She asks me to massage her feet, which had an odor despite me previously clarifying that stinky feet was NOT a fetish of mine. 80% of the session seemed to be me massaging her feet, while in between she would continue drinking Coors Light and burp and fart loudly (I definitely did not list these as my fetishes). She also showed me the gifts that previous "peasants" had bought for her. Throughout the foot massage, she would yell at me. I had indeed asked for verbal humiliation/domination when we texted up front, but it ended up just being her yelling the same stuff at me at the top of her lungs. It was sort of scary and it seemed like she was genuinely angry and mad at me. She even put her mouth against my ear TWICE and yelled at the top of her lungs. It actually hurt and I felt my head vibrating. A few times she made a crazy face, lunged towards my face and chomped her teeth while saying she would bite my dick off (this was also not listed as a fetish BTW)

    In most domme sessions, I'm erect the whole time, even if it's just an hour of verbal humiliation which is amazing if done right. During this particular session I had not been erect a single time (until the release, which I'll discuss shortly). There was no sensual aspect to the session. I wasn't turned on because it just felt like I was being yelled at by a farting, burping, beer-drinking woman. It felt like real anger and hatred at times. The content of the verbal abuse was not the issue as I have no limits in this regard, it was more the delivery. At some points I was afraid, since I wasn't sure if her anger was roleplay or if she was truly out of control. Some people may like this, but not me, as I had specifically asked for a sensual domme session. There was zero respect for my feelings or pleasure, which she said outright throughout the session. Most professional dommes say this, but still check in, or switch gears if something is not working. In this case it was the same yelling and anger throughout the session. I was tempted to just stop and thought about walking out a few times, and was waiting for the session to be over with. In hindsight I guess I could've just stopped and communicated my displeasure at any point in time, but I just remained in character since I didn't feel like having a rational discussion with the lady yelling at me was going to lead anywhere productive.

    During our texts, I did make clear I wanted a release at the end, and she obliged. She told me to jerk myself off while forcing me to watch a Youtube video of an anaconda (the idea being that my dick will eventually grow to the size of an anaconda). Amazingly I was able to think of something else, got hard, and finished the deed. I showered and she yelled/commanded me a few times to write a review on perb for her, and include her name and where she worked. In a way, this post is just me fulfilling my promise. There was no aftercare.

    I haven't replied to her post-session texts and just received a message asking if she did anything wrong. So it does seem like she does care and wants to improve, but I don't really know where to begin... so will probably just turn off my burner phone and move on. The session was by no means a scam, as it did run a full hour and she was engaged the whole time. Perhaps something went wrong in our pre-session texts to somehow give her the wrong idea of what I was looking for. Perhaps for someone else, this would be a dream session. Perhaps my previous experiences with seasoned pro-dommes have altered my expectations. I'm not sure, but feel I need to take a break from this for a bit, and stick with established professionals from this point on.

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    This seems to be one of those times where both parties have erred. The best session's I've had always start with a pregame chat. Just to reiterate what both people want. The most renowned dommes do this and I highly recommend it.

    What you might want to do differently next time is having the confidence to speak up before things spiral out of control. I'm not trying to talk down to you, it took me a while before I was able to do this but it's helped me a lot.

    You might want to communicate some of your issues with the session to her, so she can grow and be better for her next clients.

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    Thanks for your input, I've definitely learned from this experience! I've been with prodommes around the world and you're right that they normally start with a chat. Or if not, it's because the parameters were discussed extensively via email/phone/text before hand. I should've put the brakes on the session early on.

    I guess I've just never encountered this issue before, because all of my prior experiences just flowed naturally and the dommes were all very intuitive and responsive to my reactions. They also checked in even when things were going great. Maybe Abby is just a newer domme and my expectations were too high.

    Still, I think there are many objectively unsexy things that transpired throughout the session that should not have come into play unless specifically requested.

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    There is a lot that goes into being a good domme. What you find unsexy, could be someone else's wet dream, and your right, it should come by request. Reading people is a huge part of bdsm. It's not as simple as buying a whip, latex and being rude to clients.

    Maybe Abby could benefit from taking a course from another experienced domme? I know of plenty who would love to teach, and I've even been a sub in some learning experiences.

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    Interesting, I saw her last year for a dom session as well and I found it to be the worst experience I've had. She absolutely didn't do what we discussed by text messages, she was pretty trashy (had just smoked weed before the session and was still smelling it, etc).

    So while Abby might work for some, I second the opinion here. And I maintain that she isn't professional and doesn't really prepare according to your wishes, no matter how clear you made them.

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    Thanks for posting. I found searching for her phone. I didn't even know this category existed way down at the bottom like it is.

    I've seen her twice now for domme sessions. Her sceptre was intact on the first, but indeed broken on the second so she should replace it. I'm sorry I didn't mention it was plastic, lol. Honestly not a detail I thought would have mattered. I mean, who had a solid brass or gold sceptre and still needs to work in the hobby

    She was loud with me as well, but not yelling, but she hit me, and her patter was indeed a bit repetitive. My second review (in the thread of my first) mentions the beer spitting. She did not fart however in my session.

    I don't think I'm that into the domme side of her after my second session, so I booked a "normal" session with her yesterday which I will write up when I have time. It was erotic to say the least, and we both came hard.

    During it she mentioned other ideas, like strap-on play, and I would absolutely love to look at her while she pounds me and jacks me off.

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