I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie for a 1 hr escapade today, and she quickly became an ATF for me. Yes, she is learning english (aren't we all), but there was no difficulty in communicating with each other. In fact, I found her occasional use of phrases or terms she couldn't express in english very endearing. Aside from her perfect physique, which is portrayed accurately in all of her photos, she had a way of making me comfortable with a true GFE. Her beauty would stop any man in his tracks. Add her charm, humor, and relaxed demeanor make her a definite repeat for me. After an easy booking experience, she me at the door with a warm, disarming smile and welcoming kiss, I presented her with a bottle of wine which she was genuinely surprised and happy to receive. After a quick shower, we sipped some wine, chatted a little, then we hit the bed for some nice sensual massage. This escalated into some mutual pleasing and teasing, I could have taken all day exploring her petite sexy frame and I don't think she would have objected lol. I will briefly say we then went on to MPOS which she was also open to and eager to explore. 1 hour went by quickly and I was soon out of time (slightly over actually), yet Charlie did not rush me. A little more chat and a nice good bye kiss left me smiling all the way home. Be kind, respectful and open, she will return ten fold.