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Thread: What are the most popular types of condoms with SPs and agencies?

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    What are the most popular types of condoms with SPs and agencies?

    Ive never really checked (or forgot to) but I've been wondering what are the usual types of condoms popular with SPs or agencies such as 1122, WCA...etc

    I'm considering getting a box of Skyn or Kimono thins for superior feeling and seeing whether my experience will improve. Some like AF even offer imported micro thin condoms for an additonal fee.

    does it matter to SP what kinds of condoms they use or do they just bring the generic ones if you don't request anything?

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    I have tried kimono and the regulars are very small. Even the largest are quite small, and I am not that big.

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    Fake Story... ie not a true story.... Trump gets a call one day the Military are out of condoms as the US supplier has run out for some reason... He calls Trudeau... Can you send 10 K Condoms please.. Trudeau calls a Canadian Manufacturer in Montreal... Can you send 10K of your largest sized Condoms to this address in the US.... oh and label them Made in Canada, size small.

    Personally I have a dislike of condoms. Almost to the point of a dealbreaker for a BJ... I have yet to come across one that you cant tell.... well maybe once,,, there was this one time.... But she never told me what kind it was...

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    Ones that don't break or leak....
    I think my guardian angel drinks...
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    When I first started, I was seeing SP’s with an agency and they used Durex, which was ok. My current SP uses Skyn, which is far nicer for me, and they stay on. Ask your SP if you can bring your own if you don’t like what she has, sometimes they’re fine with it especially if the box is unopened, and sometimes not so much. But it’s worth asking.

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    Okamoto 004 Condom Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncleg View Post
    Ones that don't break or leak....
    Lol yep, those are the bestest.

    I typically stock Skyn, Durex, Tojan Magnum, and Kimono.

    If a client has a preference itís all good with me and Iíll pick them up if requested. An unopened box of condoms is ok to bring but Iíd prefer to know in advance.

    I recently tried a female condom for the first time. It was... ok. I always check on male condoms during sex and especially when changing positions, and perhaps my anxiety was higher because it was my first time using a female condom, but I didnít really like it because I felt like I had to keep checking the position and insertion of the female condom.
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