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Thread: Sick and tired of fakes

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    Sick and tired of fakes

    Does anyone out there have been experiencing satisfaction of getting genuine fuck?
    I am in a search for a SP lady*any age or size) who really loves to fuck and genuinely enjoys it.
    Any suggestions pleas........
    It is that time of the year when miracles are happening so this would be my Christmas under the tree gift.
    Thank you and keep pooning GENTS.

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    I have experienced some who are quite passive when it comes down to intercourse. Some would prefer to be on their phone while waiting for me to finish..
    However, two ladies who came to mind right away, are very very passionate when it comes to penetration. YMMV but for me they are both very very responsive, as I enjoy the most responsive sp's I can find. Lalani Electrica indy and Eden 33 at boa. Some responses are hard to fake and these two are happy to go multiple rounds with me.. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Veronica Blake! Woe, she is very responsive to daty as well as the caber, and be ready for a lovely shower. tee hee.. Treat yourself..

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    Eden at BOA for sure

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