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    Ana 9185

    I saw this girl a year ago when she was new under different name
    And number. Pretty sure it’s the same girl because of the tattoos.
    Total babe! She first came down to get me because buzzer didn’t work.
    Wearing sweat pants and a hoody.
    Nothing special about this girl I thought.
    Once we acquainted she took off her
    Clothes and discovered a sexy little spinner.
    Sexy red lingerie, small body and ass. She seems very new
    And so was I. she give me a really good bbbj , very wet and she
    Was Spitting on it. She gave me a butt plug toy then turned around for 69!
    Oh my god !i didn’t expected. I sure use that butt plug in both holes. What a great view and a lot of fun.
    It last about 25 minutes before I exploded on her chest and I had book for 30 minutes
    So I never got to fuck her... but It was great...that’s all

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    Good on you for posting this Zigouille... I was curious about her, but the last couple of times I tried a search it came-up with a big goose-egg. I was even wondering what was up with PERB as most of the time I post a search - I usually type "NAME ####" - it usually gives lots of responses that are variations on a theme, even if there are no identical matches. Sometimes the identical match is halfway down the page, but that's another issue.
    Anyway, the fact that there were none for her - I got the error message window that there were no matches - made me wonder if someone was gaming the algorithm or if she was a scam.

    Do you remember what her "old" name & number were and if she was reviewed before? Did she do a 1/2 hr. rate? Was it full GFE or were there restrictions?

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    It’s been awhile I can’t remember old number. I don’t think
    she has been reviewed before. Since she was new it wasn’t really
    Gfe. Perhaps she improved since and have a new game.
    I believe a new toftt is in order !!

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    Ana is the bomb. Great tanned body. Very open minded and friendly. Toned abs. We finished early and she gave me a massage.

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