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Thread: Brunettes and Blondes

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    Brunettes and Blondes

    Anyone know anything about this place?

    The response to my text said 140hh and 180 for 45 offering massage and more. Asked for more info and got

    Well the girls do erotic massage but what happens beyond that is one on one. And IMO anything could fall into that category. Every girl is different and specifying certain acts of lust doesn't allow for exploration in a healthy way. It cheapens all of it in a way.

    Sounds interesting, but also extremely vague.

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    For 140/ can get the full meal deal at tiger spa and Atlantis questions asked and you get to view the cuisine before hand...I wouldn't even bother with this place. My 2 cents
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    I was able to convince them that $150/hr for massage and HE is fair. It’s clear they’ve never done this before. There are 6 girls sharing the place with only 3 going at a time. Sounds like there might only be one room because the time I had available wouldn’t work because a different girl booked someone already.

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    I traded messages with them recently and they quoted the $150/hr rate. But same as the OP, they were vague about what takes place other than HE. Said topless, nude etc is up to each girl. Sounds like a recipe for upselling, which I do not enjoy. I still think the $150 rate is too high unless you know what's included.

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