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Thread: Anita/day spa

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    Anita/day spa

    Looking for any reviews for anita/day spa on burnside rd. Massage and extras

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    Haven't been but her picture on Kijiji she looks like she's pushing 60

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    Might have Parkinson's by now could be a decent hand job

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    Used to go by Rosa back to 2016. Search Rosa in the massage section. Overall OK especially for the price.

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    I arranged a massage with her once. I got to the location at Burnside and when I got out of my car I could see her staring out into the parking lot... was creepy af so I cancelled and left.

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    How does her massage rank vs others in town? I'm interested in massage quality and open minded teasing over young/weak massage/hj. Is she the same anita at Pat's?

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    How was Anita at Pat's? Did you get extra

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    I haven’t seen either. Wondering if the are the same or not

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    Absolutely the worst massage I have ever received. Absolutely not worth it, even at her ridiculously low price.

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    She should change the name to Anita Mann.

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    They are not the same person. Old Anita does extras with full nudity . Young Anita (35 ish ) does no extras but dose do grazings. Massage component of young Anita is meh

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    damnit thought I was getting close to finding a strong massage w/ some grazing/teasing. Old anita massage is awful too I read?

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    Old Anita massage sucks. But if you have a fetish for older Asians , go for it. Her breasts are actually pretty perky for her age

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