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Thread: Jasmine... wow wow wow!!

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    Jasmine... wow wow wow!!

    So, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and since I have seen Jasmine but I felt I’ve held out long enough. There are not words that can truly describe this woman! She is incredible in all aspects, she is gorgeous, tall, sexy, skilled, attentive... I could go on forever! Have you ever been with someone that just makes you feel like a king? Someone who makes you feel like you’re the best lover in the world and are doing everything right? Well, that’s f you’re answer is not to any of those questions, you need to go and see her!!! BUT, you boys better be nice to her as she deserves the utmost respect and admiration!!! She loves what she does and it shows. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen her or even if it’s been a while since you have, you should probably head on over to see her right away!! It is Christmas after all so give yourself a little treat!
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    Everything you said was on point! She is a true professional that really enjoys her job.
    This last summer I seen her, but she’s one of those ones you’ll always look back on and remember saying “What the fuck just happened”
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    I have once again been to see this incredible woman!!! I’m not sure how I was able to wait so long between visits... I won’t go into details, but I will say that we had more fun than we have ever had before and I’m not quite sure how it could have gotten better but it did! Oh man was it ever the most amazing time I’ve had. This last experience was by far the best I’ve ever had! All I can say is if you haven’t seen her yet or if it’s been a while, do yourself a favour and go visit her!

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