I know there is another current review of Irena but I figured I would post mine too.

I saw Irena yesterday. In call at a hotel in the airport area. Nice and safe. We had an appointment set for last time she was here, 6 weeks or so ago, but she had some room issues at the time and had to cancel. She texted me when she arrived back in town which I thought was cool. I had been thinking about trying to set something up once I saw her ad was back on Perb. Her text solidified that thinking so I scheduled an appointment.

Texting and communication is easy with Irena. All professional. She has a couple of different menus to choose from which I will leave you to explore should you reach out to her. I picked an hour off one of them. $300. HH is $200.00.

Irena's body is just god damn hot. Holy. Although looks are subjective, I would say Irena is very good looking in a girl next door way. And her lips are to die for. The session was great. Irena took total control from the moment I came in the door. She made me feel very relaxed. I had a great time. Now I am basically Joe Average North American male. But she made me feel like I had the most badass piece of equipment she had ever seen. That was fun. Did I mention how F-ing hot her body is?

When we were done we talked a bit. Very easy to talk to. As I said, I had booked an hour but left around the 45 minute mark just because life was happening. Irena did not rush or clock watch at all.

Highly recommended. Will repeat.

Did I mention how F-ing hot her body is?

Her ad is on Perb as I am sure most of you are aware.

L - 8
S - 10
A - 10