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Thread: How does it work at Nguyen 4679?

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    How does it work at Nguyen 4679?

    Hey there fellas,

    I have seen a group by the name of Nguyens (4679) which advertises CBC girls.

    Curious to know how does the process look like with them?

    Dou you get accompanied by a brosan/mamas an from the main door all the way to the apartment? Does he handle donation? Do they sit in the unit in the next room or with one of those clothe dividers?

    I prefer where there is no brosan interaction.. just walk up to the girl and deal with her..

    Thanks in advance fellas!

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    Hey Casanova,

    They work like other agencies. You text or call to setup an appt with your girl of choice. Nguyen only advertise though when a girl decides she wants to work so check online. There is no website or schedule. You can msg them if you want to setup something with advanced notice and maybe it will work out. The girls work part time and often have another job or other interest.

    Brosan may screen you by asking age or something. If you're polite it won't be an issue. Some girls may only want certain clients. You know.

    When you setup an appt they will text you a locale, etc. No dude meets you or escorts you in. Let alone sits in the next room. You pay the girl when you meet her.

    Hope that helps.

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    thanks chowpoon.

    It sure helps.

    Good to know there isn't a brosan that meets you and walks you up. I don't like any interaction from anyway aside from the girl. Thanks.

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