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    Raine Asian

    Pictures are supposedly verified by Leolist. Has anyone TOFTT yet to confirm? Address is 2300 Pembina which is being used by other asian escorts as well.

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    Umm she does not look 22 at all from those pictures... but its only pictures..

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    Same pictures have been used in the past by Yaya and Liyla ( and all these girls have the similar text answer as Vivian, Mimi, Kelly, Tiffany, Nicole, FeiFei, etc and in many cases the same phone number 204~813*8332. According to Realdeek, Nicole is real ( ( but I've been browsing my texting in the past and I have texted her to this same number used by Yaya last week and FeiFei today.

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    Thanks Hiue. Maybe I will give Nicole a whirl.

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    Haven't seen Nicole's add for a while... if you go to see any of these asians on Pembina, let us know how it goes. PM me so I can check the review...

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    I will be certain to do so

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