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Thread: Mixed race escorts?

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    Mixed race escorts?

    Hey guys, I tried to search for mixed race escorts but could really find anything. I was looking for half Asian and half Caucasian escorts in Vancouver or surrounding area? Can anyone help please?

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    Questions like this probably belong in the 411 section.

    But off the top of my head:
    Asha Angel
    Danni (1122 group)

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    This belongs in the "411" section.
    Since you asked, I definitely recommend Ivory @ 1122... she's absolutely lovely and has quite a mixed heritage of asian, caucasian and indigenous.

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    Ahh so 411 is where to look, thank you

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    Thank you, I will look into

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    Nikki Nguyen (half Chinese half white)

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    Where can I find Nikki and Danni`s adds?

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