New to CCE!

New to the Biz!

Sapphire is her name. - And just like a sapphire gem stone emits a star-like energy burst at its centre, Sapphire, our new-to-the-game SP, emits a star like energy burst at her sex-centre (groin) when she is turned on (and THAT mystery, my friend) belongs to your skill-set. Should you meet the challenge, your reward will personify itself in a series of hip-thrusts, leg entanglements, tongue-searching, sensual moisture followed by a flood release that is sure to spark your senses.

She is on all night - do you really want to miss the opportunity of merging with this angel of sexuality!?

I think not ....

I am trying desperately to get her up on the web, take some pictures, load then ,,, THEN .... link them to this ad.

So come back often to see what I have been able to achieve.

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