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Thread: Review: Cleo from Leolist

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    Review: Cleo from Leolist

    I've been very low key the last little while. But recently I felt the desire to step out, try something new. I cast about a while, reading some of the reviews here, not quite sure what I was looking for. But then I stumbled across an old post that made a reference to Cleo and her oral abilities and I investigated.

    I looked up her Leolist ad. She's a tall, tall drink of water at 6', 130 lbs, and a trim 34B. She recently posted a face pic and she's rather pretty. I read her ad and it said that "I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving head!!". Well. As it just so happens, I'm always on the lookout for great oral. I texted her and asked about the particulars. She held an incall in St James, not too far from the airport. Her hourly rate was very competitive, especially for a local, in an era of $300 traveling ladies. She sounded sweet and engaging in her texts and I needed no additional persuasion to book her for the next day.

    She is a great communicator. She texted me to confirm two hours before our booking, right about the time that I was starting to think that I should do the same. I arrived at her incall and she greeted me at the door in a silk robe, tied closed. I came in and exchanged a quick hug and kiss before taking off my shoes and coat.

    She's tall all right, no question. She was barefoot and she still reached down to kiss me. I definitely noticed her clear, icy blue eyes and her very white and very straight teeth when she grinned down at me.

    She led me in. Her incall was modest and looked well lived in, but was rather stylishly decorated. Her bedroom was up a very few steps and she closed and locked the door behind me. She shed her robe to reveal an elaborate and expensive looking bra and panty set. Now, I had come for her purported oral skills, but I was unprepared to see just how attractive she really was. She has very smooth and very taut skin, unmarked except for a couple of tattoos on her arms that you can just glimpse in her photos. She has a perky and firm 34B bust that I was to appreciate close up and personally later. She has an athletic build and a rather spectacular butt. Her photos really didn't do her justice. She later told me that she has some better ones lined up.

    I'd come there incognito, not identifying myself as Birdboy. I know that my board persona has intimidated ladies in the past. But all the same, I could see that she was a tiny bit nervous, eager to show me her good side. I liked that. It suggested the kind of attention to detail and an eagerness to do a good job, that I'll always welcome. I had showered shortly before I came, so I didn't need any further prep. I quickly got undressed.

    We made small talk for a few minutes, then kissed for a few minutes more. But I could see that she was itching to get the show on the road. I think it's the first time in recent memory that the lady was even more eager to start off on oral than I was for her to start.

    Oh, all right. If she insists. She knelt before me, smiling, and held eye contact.

    Good lord. It was already a memorable date and we hadn't even made it to the bed yet. She's very, very good at what she does. She varied the pace, from gentle to vigorous and back again. I got the feeling that she was feeling me out, so to speak, to see what moved me the most. She seemed to have no gag reflex, at least for this diminutive scribe. I could tell she was enjoying herself, and I got the very real feeling that if I'd wanted, she would have been willing to spend the entire hour on her knees.

    Legions of women could probably attest to the difficulty of getting me off with oral. Sadly for both Cleo and I, that day was no exception, although I could see her getting me there on subsequent visits. She was just that good. But I finally got her on the bed, and she plainly enjoyed everything else we got up to that evening. We were both sweaty messes by the end of my time and then some. I got up, gave her a last tender kiss, and got dressed. I left exhausted, but happy.


    Perhaps it was solely because of her height, but I recently saw a disparaging comparison of her to a supermodel here. If you were expecting to see a 6' bleached blonde, heavily cultivated, fake everything supermodel, you'll be sorely disappointed. But I have a very different expectation, and a very different frame of reference.

    I have a friend who does a lot of university sports photography. He shows me his photos and I marvel at the way that he always seems to capture the decisive moment in all the action. You know, that whole thrill of victory and the agony of defeat thing. I enjoy all his pictures, but one subject I always seem to spend more time looking at than the others are his photos of female volleyball players. Sure, I enjoy seeing the action captured. But of course, these young women exude youth, vitality, athleticism. Even though they are not intentionally sexy I find the women in them very, very attractive. Cleo is tall like these ladies, but there's more to it than that. She has a trim, athletic build, very straight and very white teeth, a very cool short, but not too short, haircut. She has taut and smooth skin, and all those things together just scream wholesomeness and good health. Even at her posted age of 25, I think she could appear among the fresh faced, much younger women in those photos and not seem the least bit out of place.

    Physical appeal is important in this hobby, but appeal has many more dimensions than just the visual for me. She has a sweet personality as well. A brain, which I only sensed brief flashes of in my short time with her. And one big advantage that I'll bet that Cleo had over those unavailable university kids was a wisdom well beyond her years, even for a 25 year old.

    I guess I admired Cleo. But I think she'd appreciate that I'll remember her most for those incredible oral skills and her equally astounding eagerness to please me with them. It is a talent that I think she is very justifiably proud of. And it's for that most, that I'll be back. But I'm intrigued by the rest of her too, and perhaps I'll see more.

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    Great review Birdboy

    I have been looking at Cleo for a while but there has been limited info about her.
    I also find her slender tall look very intriguing and the oral abilities as well.

    Thank you for a well thought out review and I expect that Cleo will get some
    new clients now that the uncertainty has been removed.

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    Thanks Birdboy a very good read.

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    Thanks, guys. This was a pleasure to write. Cleo was wonderful inspiration.

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    Thank you Birdboy for the amazing review. I am definitely interested in seeing her now. Is her incall in a nice location or sketchy? You did mention it was modest and well kept which is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpgboy2015 View Post
    Thank you Birdboy for the amazing review. I am definitely interested in seeing her now. Is her incall in a nice location or sketchy? You did mention it was modest and well kept which is good.
    You're welcome, wpgboy2015. Her incall is in a respectable area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdboy View Post
    You're welcome, wpgboy2015. Her incall is in a respectable area.
    Thank you for letting me know.

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    After reading this awsome review I reached out to her yesterday to book an appointment she replied she would love to meet me. So i text hh before date and never got a response, too bad i was looking forward for some great head. Maybe she is too busy now after birdboy's review.

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    now no one can get in. great job

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    Tentshaker, I'm sorry to hear about your bad fortune. I see her ad is down and she isn't responding to my messages either. I can only assume she's taking some time off to regroup.
    Last edited by Birdboy; 12-10-2019 at 01:07 PM.

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    I have had the privilege of hooking up with Cleo a couple of times. She is very accomplished with her mouth and tongue. Also she dressed up as I asked. I was nice to see those long legs encased in shear stocking. She had no problem with me going down. Will repeat. Also I am a small breast man. Great tits.

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    So after Birdboy's great experience with Cleo I set up an appointment today . She had texted back quickly and we agreed upon a time.
    She even gave me the address right up front. After my 1 hour drive in from out of town I text her that I am here. Silence, never got a reply and
    still haven't had anything tonight. So much for Cleo- I have been in this hobby for 35 years and have never had this happen. Guess it was my turn.

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    That's not cool. Missing appointments.

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    She’s also now raised her rates to $300 an hour.

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    I had my eye on Cleo for a while, long before some positive reviews started to roll in for her - but those reviews emboldened me to take the plunge, so thanks to all the fellas who stepped up to the plate and got me off the fence! She is a sweet woman and I totally enjoyed my time. I got my toes wet with a HH of her much vaunted BBBJ...and literally my toes did get wet as she delivered a terrific, sloppy DT experience. Great stuff, her enthusiasm for this style of meeting was very apparent!

    She is much as her pics indicate, a cute tall lady with arresting eyes. Her conversation was pleasant, casual and easy to get along with. Booking was easy. Location is unfortunately on the ass end of space. I know the city pretty darn well but had to use google maps to find it. Shower is on offer. She is a smoker, house smelled a bit of smoke but not super stale.

    Her rates are a bit on the high side for a local gal, no doubt she has taken her reviews into account there as they jumped noticeably. Still, the service and effort level are also pretty high. Hopefully she uses the money to get herself into a condo closer to downtown!

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