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Thread: Lena - formerly of BOA - ??

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    Lena - formerly of BOA - ??

    Evening all,

    Wanted to ask if anyone knows if Lena formerly of BOA is still operating? After BOA left, she was supposed to be going Indy with bookings arranged via BOA channels. As far as I know that isnít currently happening. Unfortunate as we always enjoyed one anotherís company.

    Does anyone know if she is still operating under the radar - maybe though existing clientele? If anyone happens to know, please feel free to respond or drop me a PM.


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    Email BOA - their Nanaimo location is still open. Lena was a total gem, I only saw her once but always meant to repeat.

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    I contacted them recently. BOA was unaware of her current status (unfortunately).

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    Interested in knowing as well

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