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Thread: Ebony Britney: WOW what a time

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    Ebony Britney: WOW what a time

    Bonjour fellow hobbyists,

    Unfortunately its been such a long time since I have experienced service that truly, both figuratively and literally, blew my socks off. The type of service that I would be selfish to keep all to myself, so decided to write a review. Also, this is a newer lady to the city and I pray to a higher power she's treated well enough here in Winnipeg that she chooses to make it a regular stop on her tours like some of the other ladies we are fortunate enough to have as regular visitors (Vanessa Rivera, Christina Divine, Asian Natalie etc.). Plus she is a stunner Ebony provider, the likes of which we rarely see here in Winnipeg, ( leesha raye, ebony helen the locals or Miss Banks calibre etc). Im talking rap video vixen status.

    Anyways, I haven't seen a great Ebony SP in some time, so I decided to just TOFFT because I could not find too much information about Britney from searching her number etc. If I haven't made it clear yet, I am SO GLAD I DID. Over the years I've occasionally rolled the dice and made arrangements without having any review to go off of, and in the past I have been bitterly disappointed, but in terms of the ones that have paid off, this time absolutely tops the list.

    I have been in the hobby for about 8 Years now and Britney's attitude and service would probably crack my top 5 experiences out of hundreds. Extremely friendly, loves to smile and laugh, and totally put me at ease, I almost felt like we were long lost F**ck buddies meeting after a long hiatus.

    She mentioned she will be here for about a week, and I am already thinking of the next day Im going to sneak away and pop in and pop off again with this ebony goddess.

    I won't go too much into detail out of respect for the heavenly time I got to spend with her, and her own privacy, but her menu is extensive and she is very accommodating. You can tell she is that rare type of SP who legitimately enjoys the interaction. I got the feeling my donation was just a bonus for her and that she had had nearly as much fun as I did. (She could not have had more, impossible)! Totally engaging, completely eager to please, and a great conversationalist.

    She is staying at decent location closer to the Westend of town, on portage. If you've been considering treating yourself to something sweet as a little early christmas gift for yourself, I recommend checking out this chocolate queen. Definitely worth every single penny.


    Link to Ad:

    Please treat her right guys so she will visit again soon.

    Happy Hobbying!!

    -Joe D>

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