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Thread: How often do you visit a ladies website?

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    How often do you visit a ladies website?

    How often do you visit a ladies website?

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    Once at the most.
    At my age, they all look good and luckily there is a nerve that connects my eyes to my one-eyed monster.

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    I always visit the ladies website every time before booking.

    It is a great indicator of the services that she provides, her current looks , availability and her protocol for booking.

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    Usually once to confirm the donation in case itís changed. Then again, Iíll peruse the gallery too

    I am so homophobic, I eat bananas sidewise.

    Bill Maher talking about Mike Pence.

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    Multiple times if there is an online schedule/calendar, if not then once or twice max...

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    If and when it's posted without looking for hidden idol,, Know the way / knock system etc and then try to read here on the post about the website poster .

    0761 was purged from the system here due to a lecture to rules,, that was a hit 5 posts !!

    Are We also spoken about within your finer ladies , or is it just one way ??


    Cuz a newer system is cumming


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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenTides View Post
    Since I am novice I prefer to acquire as much information as possible, so visiting the SP's website is a bonus. Bonus bonus if there are more visuals!

    I am a little confused though on the ads that list https://***********/escort/"SPnames" am I already supposed to know what the "*********" is and then just replace the "********" with that? Is this a known unknown?
    It's because the advertising platform has censored the competition's full URL.
    They do not want us paying customers to mention where else we may be advertising.

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    I almost always check the website numerous times, to get more information, perv the gallery, check on the donation and any rules I should know about. Once I schedule a visit I always go back just to add to my anticipation and excitement!! A good website is entertainment in itself .

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