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Thread: Om Mega Tantra?

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    Om Mega Tantra?

    Her site looks really good, but I haven't seen any reviews for her at all.

    Part of me feels like I should TOFTT but I'm a total newbie to anything regarding massage or visiting SP's so I'm hoping someone else here has something to say about her.

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    Check this thread from last year.

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    So nobody has any idea about what the experience with her is actually like than?

  4. #4 this point, no one has anything but speculation, which isn't worth anything. I'm a former professional snowboarder. If anyone on this forum has ever watched any film, you've seen the giant hits (jumps) that might leave you wondering what happens if it doesn't go well. What we actually do: rocket paper scissors. The guy that loses has to go all-in and guinea pig a 50-meter gap at 80+ KM/H. It doesn't always work out, but someone has to go, otherwise, no-one gets anything. I have the three-hour gold package scheduled with her on the 19th (outcall, not less), so I'll have real answers because someone has bunch of sissies! Yeah, it's almost $1,400, and yes, sometimes you get burned, but this world gives you relatively little back if you're not willing to take risks. You're all welcome in advance, because if this works out, it'll be a gem.

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    By any chance, do you have an update to share?

    Thanks in advance.

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