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    Lorihouse Hanna

    Haven't posted in a while,

    Had the pleasure of seeing Hanna from lorihouse. Greeted me at the door in heels and lingerie. She led me to the bedroom where she undressed. She has a great body if you're into thin girls. Her photos seem accurate (?) Given that these agencies like to touch up their pictures quite a bit. Helped me undress and led me to the bathroom for a quick rinse. She is very chatty, which helped ease the tension for me being away from the hobby for a while. Found out she was new to Canada and has been here less than a month, so Winnipeg is her first working stop I believe.

    BBBJ in the shower. She tries to go as deep as she can, and does this tongue thing when she's got you in the back of her throat that was pleasant. Dried off, and headed to bed.

    Sensual tongue bath which quickly went to another BBBJ. ALOT of eye contact, which is where I started getting really into it. She has a really beautiful face, which turned really seductive as she made eye contact- felt like she really wanted it. Her positioning was spot on too, moving from between my legs (looking up at me) as I lay down then switching to my side where she arched her back and started touching herself. Motioned for some 69 and she was really receptive to the point that she was clenching my head between her legs. Flipped her over for some DATY to continue to show my appreciation for the fantastic BJ.

    Switched to missionary and wondered why I stepped away from the hobby- she was very tight. Switched to doggy where she guided my hand to rub her clit with her. Switched to missionary again where I finished. Some light kissing all over her body and LFK during the session. I enjoyed having her squirm around in pleasure as I plowed away. She can really take it, but afterwards stated she prefers to have slower, gentler sex- but made it clear she had a good time which was nice.

    After we took a short break and lay in bed together, talking about home, school, friends, and travel. Being around the same age (mid 20's) made it easy to connect with her.

    She led me back to the bathroom, and helped me clean up. Talked more about food. She enjoys taro bubble tea, which I plan to bring her if I can visit her again before she leaves next Friday.

    All-in-all a great session. She seems very smart, language barriers did hinder conversation a bit, but her English is not terrible by any means. She definitely knew how to read me as a client. Sexy when she needed to be, and felt like I had a GFE rather than a standard provider-client visit.

    Treat her well! Probably my best visit with LH and VIP. I've seen lots of LH and VIPOTG, and apologize for not reviewing them all but most had been accounted for and I shared a similar experience with those posters.

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    Is she tall?

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    Thanks dean204, because of your review I went and saw her today...She is everything you said and more. I put her up there with Erika and Leah who were recently here.
    Attractive and always smiling, made me feel special, and wow she has a small waist.
    I will see her again before she leaves next weekend

    @wud34567 Not really, I would say 5'6-5"7 ish

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    I agree Hanna was great and she always tried to keep conversation which helped get rid some of the first time meeting awkwardness. Pictures are quiet accurate and I would come back

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    Thanks for your review, she's just almost perfect for what I like.

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    I feel like I got to see a different Hanna then everyone else did. She was not attractive to me at all. She appeared older with poor bolt ons. I’ll agree that she goes as deep as she can and the move with the tongue was nice but her English was so broken that I had a very difficult time trying to communicate. At one point she was trying to ask something but I didn’t know what she was saying so I tried to answer but she couldn’t understand my answer and we kept repeating ourselves while I slowly went limp in her hand. Probably my worse experience at either agency.

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    She is definitely one of the best. Very beautiful body, nice personality, great service. Maybe her English is not that good, but it doesn’t matter to me..

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