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Thread: Piper at SVIP

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    Piper at SVIP

    First, I know I am not saying anything that has not been said before, and wish I were the first to post here about this lady.

    Booking was easy, and though she was not on the schedule I was pleased to discover she was available. I was greedy when looking through her xxxtras menu, and booking the 1.5 hr PSE still wanted more, so paid the small extra charges (Piper's offerings are simply incredible). Personally, I still cannot get over the incredibly good price of VIP's PSE offering. Anyhow, my arrangements made, pricey? Depends upon your wallet, but for an hour and a half I did not feel terribly so.

    A short time later, I was met at the door by Piper and realized in an instant every penny I had spent was a bargain! Comparisons to Marisa Tomei and Alyson Hannigan, both spot on in one incredibly gorgeous lady!

    Next, we are into our little private heaven where I get to behold Piper slowly stripped bare (save a set of stockings) and WOW! Not only are her eyes absolutely captivating and smile instantly enchanting, her laugh deeply infectious, but her body, again just WOW. Incredible breasts, a perfect little hiney, legs that simply do not stop... I could go on forever. Her amazing attitude brings it all together perfectly.

    I'll save the explicits from this review, but the things this girl does are simply out f this world! I was completely enchanted, enrapt, ten other words I cannot think of and experienced the most pleasurable hour and a half of my life. I now can die happy.

    The standout moment for me was the timer beeping away, and Piper's emphatic 'NO' both to the timer and me, before looking at me and telling me '5 more minutes'.

    We both agreed in the near future, there was no question, we HAVE to do this again, and I am marking my calendar already with nothing short of eager anticipation. Worth every penny (if not double)! This lady is an absolute gem, from the stunning vision presented to her bubbly, happy attitude and down to her desire to enjoy the time as much as I did! 12 out of 10, without a doubt my happiest visit to VIP's location!

    Again, not saying anything that has not been said before, and those of you that have said it know what I am talking about!

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    Nice review. Thanks. Sounds like you had an awesome time.��

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