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Thread: Sabrina (SU)

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    Sabrina (SU)

    Unprepared, distracted, uninterested, unskillful, unenthusiastic, and detached are some of the words that come to mind when I think about this unfortunate experience. Oh how I miss those days when one could find hidden gems at SU with certain regularity! I guess for the time being I'll stick to Blair if I want to go there.

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    I had a similar experience recently. She is a very attractive young lady, and was wearing a super sexy outfit. Kissing was very light lfk with palpable reluctance. Very tight pussy and she did a pussy squeeze that was almost made the session worthwhile. Booked an hour, out in 45 min. Otherwise very mechanical and uninterested. I had an even worse session with Raina - will post an account when I have time

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