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    Cherise 0942

    Anybody seen Cherise 0942 in Langley recently? I haven't seen her for a long time. Any updates much appreciated. She's always been my go to.

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    She was a favourite of mine too, but I think she's been going through some tough turns in life. She was working out of a dumpy motel in Langley for months, then finally ended up just couch surfing at Cassidy Laine's afaik...feel bad for her cause she's a sweetheart, really hope she can turn it around and get her own place again.

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    Apparently Cassidy and Cherise may be looking into a house to share if things work out for them. I hope so, they’re both really nice.

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    Saw her a few weeks ago, she seems really nice and laid back. Very personable a good conversationalist. Place is nice, her bed fills the room, she’s has a roommate that was there but I didn’t see.

    She got nicely wet and came pretty hard in daty (she’s a 3-finger girl BTW). She came once more in mish, then she was done for the night. kissing wasn’t memorable. She ride me for a while, not too bad. Had a before and after shower, their was a full ashtray, not a big deal. No anal or butt play.

    BJ was pretty enthusiastic, included minor rimming. That went on for quite a while. As it is not a style that would make me cum, it was very appropriate for what followed.

    It was 90 minutes start to finish, so really good value for the money.

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    Ok. I have been getting a few PM's about her (no secret she's my ATF ). Yeah ,this year has been unkind to her. She say's she has finally found the perfect house in Surrey and plans to move on the 15th of December. Fingers crossed that she has enough fans to visit her before then so she can afford the move.

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