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Thread: Re: 8880 still in business or someone scare them away?

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    Re: 8880 still in business or someone scare them away?

    I thinh whoever already try this shop must missed them. They are honest and have the good and fresh Korean girls like Channel, Luna, Dior, Bambi.....especially Channel

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    All their girls are at k604 now. So think what you will. Hahah

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    I know that Creeper. I did 3 time with Dior, 1 for Bambi at eh 8880 micro; So i've done with them. Now i am expecting new fresh talents but it seems like they are out (i hope not). We need more new honest micro. 1206 is ok too. I don't like micro control over pooners. i guess i am open one hihihihi......

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    Didn't all of 1206 girls go to k604 Too? And then I didn't see any postings from them. Jessica and Kara.

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    Yes, They go there because 1206 take it easy (i like that). Jessica go there because she wants to make fast money then she go to travel some where else, she travel a lot. Her body too soft i don't really miss her (2). Kara probably is not busy because she is too skinny.
    K604 run girls like sex machine. 5969 is not very professional the way they doing things but sometime you can hit the good one theres (not lately). They are hungry for money now by increasing costs.

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    Actually I've talked to the girls that were in 8880 that now went to 5890 (K604), the girls say that 5890 treats them better, although work days are busy usually back to back scheduling but at least they get days off when requested. They also let housemates take days off together, so the 2 girls in the same house can hang out; and won't need to have a bro san there for those days. Whereas 8880 didn't really give them any days off unless it is period time.

    The girls really prefer no bro san, they think it's awkward and tend to try to be softer in general. So in that aspect, 8880 is better because no bro san.

    I talked to 3 girls, and their stories match up.

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