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Thread: Cindy 9978 on Kijiji

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    Cindy 9978 on Kijiji

    Anyone visit her. Advertising on Kijiji with a pic.
    Looks can be deceiving but looks like an asian Milf/auntie
    Just wanted to see if itís worth exploring as Iíve se en the ad off and on over a few months
    Thanks in advance

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    Bump Please

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    She has been around for many many years
    If you like the mature horder environment with a hint of cheap dollar store baby oil then go for it.
    Nice woman, cheap, but really not much to offer other than a HJ with an older
    asian casino aficionado.

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    Thanks west coast1. Did she have a older number from this newer one she uses 9978 as there are countless Cindy reviews but cant pinpoint this particular Cindy.

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    I saw her recently. Yeah not a fan of the baby oil smell. Would need a shower to get the smell off. However, really nice lady. Good vfm. May go back if I'm in the right frame of mind. Lol

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    Had a visit with her this week. Nice lady, but a bit odd. She wears lots of make up, pretty sure she was wearing a wig as well. Well into her 60’s in my opinion. Massage was okay and the release was good. The hoarder comment is accurate. The carpets are lined with old bath towels and the bathroom floor was lined with newspaper. I wouldn’t repeat.

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    Maybe she is “Mature Asian”’s mother.

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