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Thread: New asian in town..

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    New asian in town..

    Oh boy I think I just found a new one.. BUT dollars to donuts I bet it isn't so.

    Tineye comes back to Kyoko Macki Japanese porn star.. I have my doubts.... If so this one has lots of experience and will likely be able to provide a PSE.

    The ad will go on my gotta-pass-on-it list.

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    Anything that is 0801 is a pass for me.

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    Just ignore 0801. Maybe TOFTT with Kiki instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by sopaidfw View Post
    Just ignore 0801. Maybe TOFTT with Kiki instead
    yes .does anyone try Kiki yet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gino View Post
    yes .does anyone try Kiki yet??
    Pretty sure I have... but can't recall because the number keeps changing. Was alright but nothing special.

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    Those seem to be different pics of the one you saw though initial

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