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Thread: Is cable dead?

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    Is cable dead?

    I've noticed more and more streaming services like: Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, Sling TV, fuboTV, etc etc...with new ones popping up all the time.

    Are many of you just streaming shows now or does cable still make up the majority of your TV watching?

    (I don't know how to create a poll)

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    The majority of my viewing is still via cable. I do also have Netflix and Crave comes with my cable subscription but I definitely still mostly watch programming off cable.

    My guess though is that a lot of viewing these days is via pirating... just a hunch

    I've been tempted to get Disney + for The Mandalorian but have not pulled the trigger yet.

    Also, if anyone is interested in a free streaming app, there's quite a bit of content on tubi. There are ads put into the streams though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Man Mountain View Post

    My guess though is that a lot of viewing these days is via pirating... just a hunch
    You would be correct. I used bit torrents to download both "The Mandalorian" from Disney and "See" from Apple plus. Why buy the cow when you can ...


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    I live in the sticks in Abbotsford. My internet is very slow, dial-up slow. I have property in the states and brought home my Direct TV. So most of my viewing is on that. I also bit torrent, some stuff.

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    I don't watch TV much anymore. Only thing we have on is Global News (Some of those girls very pretty!). I used to watch Canucks but even that has gone down to almost nothing.
    Kids prefer Netflix. But for some reason we still have cable. May be because we have the cable, internet and phone package with Shaw.

    I also have the IPTV box and there is plenty to watch there although quality is not that great.
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    I find myself watching things like HBO, Starz, Crave, etc. much more, and "regular" TV channels much less (aside from news, which I watch a lot of).

    Things are changing - not so much the tech side as much as the consumers' expectations. I think in general the viewers want on-demand more, and scheduled programming less. How that content is delivered to them, or what corporation does the delivering, doesn't matter as much as availability & price.

    The streaming services are trying to monetize their operations more by creating exclusivity of content (i.e. some things are only available on Disney, or on Amazon, or on Netflix, etc...) - so they are essentially becoming like the networks/channels and cable companies anyway, forcing consumers to buy the whole cow rather than just a steak.

    How is this different than Shaw or Bell or Telus forcing you to buy "bundles" of channels you don't want instead of just the individual channels that you do?

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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    At the end of the day, everyone complains cable companies charge an arm and leg for cable, which we all agree.... But with all these streaming platforms comin out, adding em up separately is gonna cost the same as cable.... Disney already pulled their stuff from Netflix but Disney was already hacked too and a whole bunch of log ins are being sold on the dark web

    And for the illegal boxes... Just recently passed, first time in North America but courts ruled against a streaming company that will be blocked from using Canadian ISPs

    Looks like their crackin down

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    I don't watch "regular" TV or cable anymore.
    I either use netflix or torrents for what's not on netflix and that's it.
    I can't be bothered with commercials or "be on time for X" anymore.

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    I hardly watch regular TV myself. Usually just catch a show or 2 a night as my evenings are busy.
    If there’s something on regular TV I PVR it and skip through the commercials...can’t stand commercials!!
    Sadly the advertisers will get their exposure somewhere, be it pop up banners on websites, more ads while watching YouTube or radio ads.

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    Still paying for internet connection, using wifi on phone helps to lesson data on the phone. Mostly for home computer. dont have cable but stream news and Netflick etc.
    So the cable companies still have the internet connection going even if cable dries up.

    The streaming companies have their upfront fee, but still charge for a different channel on their streaming service - ie. Amazon Prime

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    I stopped watching cable back in the early 90's ever since I got my first modem for my computer. I had so much fun on online BBS systems: online chat, online message forums on BBS systems and FidoNet and I even ventured by sign up for the Information Super Highway called the Internet back in 1994. Fun times and I didn't know why people would want to watch TV even back then because being online even before the Internet (World Wide Web) was super addictive.

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    I still love cable. News, sports, first run shows without having to search or stream. So dissapointed with Netflix, etc. Old movies, useless for real time info, limited selection, and original series that die suddenly after 1 or 2 seasons just when you get into them. Stayed at an air bnb recently that saved a few bucks going Roku, hulu, etc. Horrible navigating all the menus and still not getting to see current shows I want to watch.

    No thanks, Iím staying plugged into cable.
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    I haven't had cable for 4 or 5 years now and I'm perfectly content. Why pay 50 - 150 a month for cable when Netflix is 15 and I get a larger selection of what to watch and when as opposed to turnin on the TV and being subjected to watch whatever was on. Sometimes there's nothing to watch on cable. With Netflix or whichever streaming service there's always something to watch!

    It's just more practical for me.
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    I use my PVR to record the local news and Seinfeld then I watch it at my leisure. I haven't channel surfed in a long time.

    I am also a Netflix addict.

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    Gave cable up years ago. So many better, cheaper options out there. Only people I know with cable are in isolated areas with no other options, or much older people that have no interest in changing at this point in their life.

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