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Thread: Cancun fun

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    Cancun fun

    Hi everyone

    I am going to cancun at the end of November and am staying at temptations resort on the hotel strip.

    Does anyone have any recommendations where I should go to find girls? Any good websites like Perb or LL for cancun?

    Any clubs or services worth checking out?


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    I donít know where to start. The only English language forum I know of is international sex guide which helped me out immensely on my first foray. Online there are many options for outcall escorts, and craigslist(under tour guide lol) but watch out for bait and switch! does have verified photos(enter fotos verificadas in the search bar) but you can still get switched of course. In addition to the countless MPs that come and go all over town, there are two well known massage parlours that offer full service in downtown Cancun. Mary Spa and Cancun Hands. Not sure if itís your first time but Iíd definitely be taking Uber when heading to Centro. Stay in the hotel zone and youíve got the Pleasure Principle which is a fully legal and tourist-centric brothel with a shuttle service. Also in the hotel zone there are fly by night massage shops as well as legit ones. Itís generally not hard to decipher which is which. Iíve yet to partake in the freelancer scene there but I have elsewhere in Mexico and itís huge. College students, hospitality staff, ladies making some extra cash can be found on SA, Tinder, Bumble whatever as well as in the nightclubs and bars. Iíd steer clear of Centro(downtown)itís a dangerous place. If you do hire a FL be prepared to shell out for an extra guest at the hotel or use a lower cost or love hotel. There are some good options on the strip. Donít get too drunk while out and about, especially if youíre doing the lone wolf thing. And watch out for street walkers. Lots of shenanigans: pick pocketing, chain snatching, phone grabbing etc.
    One more thing: I recommend sticking to the margaritas and mamacitas. Drugs, yes even weed, can get you in deep shit down there or at the very least ripped off. Best case scenario youíll get overpriced garbage and youíre literally financing the violence.

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    Good advice from Newb808. I'd also recommend using and if you are going to do so to download Whatsapp as a lot of the ladies use that messenger platform. I agree as well to watch your back in Centro and a big red flag if any lady wants you to go to another "special" bar she knows. Chances are she'll have one drink and it will cost you $300. Refuse to pay and the police will show up to reinforce the bill. Lots of pretty women to choose from but your not going to get much of a deal so expect to pay resort prices. Have fun but be careful.

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    It is
    You can also try
    But I do recommend you use SA or any of the other sugar baby sites. You need to start about now, though.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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    You are already in the right place. Just go to the hot tub at Temptations and be your chafming self. Or hang out at the night club and be the party.
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    I used this web site note the different word used for escorting

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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I am a seasoned cancun visitor but have never really checked out the pooning scene for some reason. Appreciate the heads up and warnings for scams. I have taken this hobby around the world but not cancun, I’ve always gone with groups of people and just partied. This is going to be a relaxing trip by myself. Was curious to see if anyone had some good tips before I go never hurts to be prepared.

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