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Thread: Russian Princess - massage and more at Bridgwater

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    Russian Princess - massage and more at Bridgwater

    Saw the new girl at bridgwater group.

    Pros - pretty, tall, nice eyes, great massage (tall, strong pressure, good technique)

    Cons - smoker? I think? And body-wise, she’s not as tight and toned as Emma, Teaghen or Amanda.

    But, and this is a major plus, her HJ technique led to my first time ever cumming from a HJ. So while I wouldn’t recommend her compared to Emma and Teaghen, she is definitely a must-see if you like a good HJ.

    Ask questions if you have any - or PM me if you’d rather go that way.

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    I seen her last week too! Very nice, friendly, and has some great hands. Best of all are those lips below. Never seen such a nice loose set!

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    What’s her donations like? She has a price of 80 for hour is that true?

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    Yes that’s true. But that’s for just a massage. So no kissing, no touching and nothing sexual. You can just text the number and ask - they’ll send you a menu.

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    What age would you estimate her to be?

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    Hmmm later twenties? Early 30s? I am not good at that

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