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Thread: Lana LL 2397

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    Lana LL 2397

    hey. I'm new here, any reviews on Lana on LL
    She looks beautiful. not sure should i visit her or not?
    Any valuable reviews are much appreciated.

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    any toftt?

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    I have yet to find any reviews on her, but it looks like I will be the first on here.

    I’m seeing her tomorrow afternoon

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    C'mon, guys! Those pics are so obviously stolen from some internet model. Please learn to do a Google Image Search. It took 4 pics for me to get the name of the model whose pics were stolen for that ad. Rosa Brighid (I might have spelled that wrong).

    I would strongly suggest that you cancel, Wolf-1977...
    You dance with the devil and the devil don't change. The devil changes you!

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    I didn’t have to cancel, I msged her last night and told her I’d msg in the morning, I did twice and still no reply.
    I think it’s safe to say we’ll never meet. I’m kind of relieved to be honest.

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