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Thread: Duo with sadie rose and casey may

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    Duo with sadie rose and casey may

    I had the opportunity late yesterday to visit these two lovely ladies for an interactive duo. I had seen both of them singually recently and had a great time so it was logical to see them together for a duo. Arrangements were easy and professional and I soon found my self out of the heavy rain at Sadie in call in the jubilee area.

    Their greeting was very warm, friendly, passionate and proved to be the start of a cracking hour of merriment, fun sex and passion. These two ladies are obviously good friends and are very comfortable with each other in a sexual setting. It was hot and passionate between them and me too and well worth every penny of the $500.00 donation plus 100.00 for bbbj. Our 1 hour time expired quickly it seemed and even ran over a bit but there was no rush to put me out the door. THis was an overall wonderful way to end my day. Thank you ladies.

    Both advertise occasionally on Leolist but each has a website as follows:



    Highly recommended gentlemen. You won't be disappointed!!
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    Good review, thanks. Any contact info for the two ladies?

    I was able to find a website for Sadie but not for Casey May. Sadie is too young for me and the mattress on the floor wasn't inspiring unless it was just for photographic effect but here is her link anyway:
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    Ive added contact info on my original post.

    Both ladies are in their mid 20's and quite mature and educated.

    The mattress on the floor in some pics does NOT exist at the in call. A proper bedroom with a bed and frame is used. Its spotless as is the bathroom. Clean sheets and pillow cases were evident.

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    Well done. Thanks for the update and clarifying details.

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