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Thread: Layla 8250 on leolist

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    Layla 8250 on leolist

    Has anyone seen this young cutie ? She looks absolutely beautiful ! I tried her pictures on tineye and nothing came up, hopefully some has seen her or is going to see her

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    Bump anyone ?

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    TOFTT - fake!

    Short (5’1), think, plump, dowdy, not Yet a BBW, 140-150lbs, late 20’s early 30’s. Good set of tits though, 35DD’s at least. Nice and polite and quiet girl with a Montreal french accent, neutral generic smile, over the top eyelashes, dyed blond mid-back straight hair, minor tattoo coverage, no tit rings as in the photo, barely any nipples, practically nil conversation, no connection. She was by herself. The apartment was modern, nice and clean. Pussy and ass were nice and clean, lightly shaved with stubble.

    As she came down to let me in rather than buzz me up, the smart thing would have been to bail right there (but, I never have yet, preferring to have my mistakes more severely seared into my consciousness).

    Her text response:
    “$120hh/$220hr for a sensual GFE full service includes kissing, bbbj, daty, 69, sex, shower and massage. NO bbfs (greek is 60)”

    GFE - nope (not even LFK)
    BBBJ - nope (CBJ. Lame)
    kissing - nope
    DATY/DATO - nope
    69 - Nope
    Shower - nope
    Massage - nope
    Digits - nope for pussy, but did allow a half finger up her ass without complaint
    Sex: no complaints, rear (flat doggy), mish, side, cowgirl (blew). Very muted sounds from her, so kinda boring starfish action for the whole 30 minutes I was there. She was reasonably tight, and sort of seemed like she was getting into it, so it was not a total loss.

    The image with the grey shorts returns a Tineye hit. Google comes up dry on all images.

    Texting was straightforward, but it took her 45 minutes for her to an produce an address, then another 30min to get there, so the meet was 90 minutes after the set time.

    The way the incall was operated with the use of blatantly fake pictures reminded me of another operation in Richmond that uses several different numbers and girls advertising at the same $220 price, located at a tall apartment building at 7371 Westminster Hwy. So, if you get that address, bail.

    This place was at No. 3 Rd. and Ackroyd.

    These guys that handle these girls are smart enough to find pictures that don’t produce hits on Tineye or Google Reverse image search. Plus they use girls that look OK to hold up a Leolist sign. None of them are savvy enough with Photoshop to paste in a Leolist sign to fake LL verified photo.

    The better choice for me would have been to do 30-min $120 plus $60 for grk, total $180, saving $30 of the pointless 30-minute “hour” at $220, plus:
    - Ask for a BNG rate (if they refuse in person, bail say you only brought that amount0’
    - ask for a Leolist verified photo, ask for a small $20 deduction for lying or leave
    - Ask height and weight - if she clearly lies, that is better justification to bail
    - Bring extra cash for instant upgrade
    - Ask for a buzzer number or will she come and get me (the latter is better opportunity to bail)
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    Okay man thanks ! Good to know !

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