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Thread: Canucks 2019/20 Where are we going this year?

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    Canucks 2019/20 Where are we going this year?

    Hey where are we headed this year 20 game mark we are 3rd in the Pacific ,are we a playoff team or are injuries going to kill us ?I think we have enough depth to get us there .Is Demko going to take the starters job from Markstrom?,feel sorry for him loosing his Dad thats not easy to get over.Whats your thoughts?

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    Canucks are going nowhere, same as always.

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    Like every other team, if they can stay healthy, playoffs are possible. Especially The D like Edler and Tanev who are valuable when healthy and are really missed when they’re out. They log a lot of minutes.

    I like the Markstrom and Demko tandem. Competition is good and it pushes both of them.

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