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    come fly with Johnnie....
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    kori kandy 6394

    Hey Boyz and gurrrrrlz....

    I am wondering if this is the same Kori from previous reviews? Her review numbers were 7112 and 0109...

    thanks for the intel

    Jetpack OUT

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    Yep, saw her a month ot two ago, same as the other reviews, she fucks like crazy, her pussy has a V8 in it.

    A little BBW but i like that, and was wearing some nice lingerie and looked good. We spent an hour fucking each other and it was probably my best pooning experience. A little business like, but she fucks like a professional, she seriously drained me, I didnt jerk off for two weeks after seeing her. I'll be back to see her for sure.

    Only downside was no shower at her incall at that time, but she has a small sink at least to clean yourself up. She mentioned getting one put in so might have one now.

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