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Thread: Aubri LL Review

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    Aubri LL Review

    This is an official review for this sp, she recently changed her name, it used to be Shiela on LL and I initially did not have a good experience the first time around. However, she reached out to me last week and it was a far better experience thatn the first time.

    I went to see her at a newer location, nice clean inside, she was wearing black lingerie from head to toe, she looked exactly like her pics posted in her ads, cute and short.

    She was talkative, we chit chatted and then moved into the session, I believe ymmv, she plays safe and did reverse cowgirl, then doggy, then mish, then spoon, then erotic roller coaster, then ended into breaking the waves position. Was impressed of her stamina, and if you like it tight, she will not disappoint in that section.

    Treat her well, hard to find locals that is open to new positions.


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    Had my own visit with Aubri as well. She is the girl in the pics, but as always, take them with a grain of salt as they are filtered.

    Aubri is a cute indigenous girl with a thin body and small breasts. She's got a good attitude and is happy to please. Although she is new, so don't expect anything out of this world.

    I'd recommend Aubri to those who like an amateur kind of experience with a new girl who doesn't seem to be exploited in any way thankfully. She's just making some extra money, so be kind and generous.

    I won't repeat, but that's just my opinion, but am glad I partook.

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    Thanks for the reviews gents. She looks pretty sexy in the photos. Definitely interested in seeing her. What are her rates?

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