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    Does anyone have any info on Jessie ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantstopatone View Post
    Does anyone have any info on Jessie ?
    Jesse, Nov 14:
    Summer, Nov 12:
    Rose, Oct 28:

    All three of these ads are almost identical (except for the name) and use the same pictures and phone number. Why does she keep changing names?

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    Good eye. Not really necessary to change name .

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    Yeah I had an encounter with her last night. She seemed really nice was really into the same stuff as I was. I really liked her. She only does outcall so I offered to pay for a hotel because I like to really get into a good fuck session. I paid for an hour, and worked out a deal for her to come back after her other date. She told me she would be back in 30 to 45 mins. I transferred her 100... and would have paid her more if she had come back.... well she text a couple times and I waited an hour or so and then i couldn't get ahold of her. Wouldn't return my texts or my calls. I even thought maybe went wrong with her other date. Anyways I didn't bust a nut and I'm out 600 dollars. I'm the fool jokes on me.

    She didn't seem like a drug addict. It kind of pisses me off, you can still have some integrity in this business. It's things like this that make both the John and the lady mistrust each other. I've never ripped a girl off and don't want to be ripped off. It's a simple transaction. It's not rocket science. It must be nice making 300 bucks and hour but some of us guys work an entire days wages for the money. Some of us are going through divorces and we don't want girlfriends we just want to get a need met without all the work of an emotional attachment. To be honest I liked Jessie, but I lost a lot of respect for her. So watch out for Jessie don't let it happen to you shes not trust able.

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    They are( SPs , escorts,hookers etc) for reason in this marsh of a business. They have no emotions just like you so lower your expectations and do not spoil them because situation like you described encourages them that they can get away with it , especially the younger SPs who I found to be very disrespectful and no ethic and moral therefore You CANNOT trust them.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

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    This Dallas foxxx ad looks like the Jessie ad rebranded....what do you think?

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    Saw Jessie she is now Summer again. Before you see her PM me if you want to save yourself the risk......

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    Should have just went with BOA Rikki has a large selection of beautiful ladies who are friendly and skillful at what they do at a reasonable rate

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    I SECOND , Ms Rikki had a chat with me and figured a lovely lady to introduce me in to this .
    Her pick was 100% ..

    Her pick for me was great and is not needed to be known or judged . Your's will be different Im sure.


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