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Thread: Sexy Sara - November 2019 Review

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    Sexy Sara - November 2019 Review

    I was feeling the need to let off a little steam, and decided to call Sara up on short notice. Lucky for me she was available almost immediately. She told me, "All these travelling girls are making us locals reeeeaaallll slow, and I'm tired of replacing batteries in my toy." She told me that things were quiet all week, and thanked me for booking her. I think she was definitely in the mood for some fun.

    The hour went by very quickly, and lets just say that I left with a huge grin on my face. Sara is definitely my ATF, and we have a great connection. She's a down-to-earth, no nonsense woman. Treat her right (and with respect) and she will definitely look after you. Can't wait for my next visit.

    BTW, her new place is great in case any of you were wondering. Nice and close to downtown too.

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    Definitely one of Winnipeg's gems. Not only a tiger in the bedroom but a fantastic lady to just spend time with.

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    well me i’m all for local (hello Sara ) its rest assured u can build a trust over time , as were venturing on close to 2yrs soon . this month Big already visited 3 times and it’s only mid month . yes you can talk to Sara in all aspects , and she can always relate to topic . Sara ‘s always been upfront and no bullshit. gotta love that.
    travlin shows , well , anything is possible to happen
    my time is spent locally Bigfoot12ee

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