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Thread: Blonde Scarlett on Leo list

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    Blonde Scarlett on Leo list

    Does anyone know where she went ? She was the blonde super skinny girl that worked out of downtown vancouver, she around 23-25 57 or so and a total spinner

    Any help ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loves stockings View Post
    I'm trying to find Scarlett. Any info would help. I have lost contact with her. Thanks so much
    West side?
    She’s on a Hiatus
    Maybe back in Feb , if I find out I’ll let you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwbobbitt View Post
    Better to send a direct message than to post your # in public....just sayin'
    I agree there’s a lot of odd balls here , I’d take your # down

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    Are you guys talking about scarlette L? if so, im interested too

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    I’m talking about Scarlet L

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    Are we talking about the Scarlett who formerly went by Zaira?

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    My guess is she may be going through a depressive stint - just a guess from past interactions. Last activity I recall from her was in October-ish, but I haven’t seen her in person in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loves stockings View Post
    Ok thanks. I have known her for a very long time. I know see has had problems with depression. I appreciate your help
    I talk to her , she’s just taking a Hiatus, she’s fine
    Maybe back in Feb

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    I’ll mention but as you know just don’t push to hard, it never plays out well
    She’ll tell me the same thing, she’ll post when she’s ready
    Don’t expect to see her for a few more weeks at least

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