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Thread: skeptical of these..

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    skeptical of these..

    I am searching for another "poon session" and these Ads in particular caught my attention. inquisitive of any information pertaining for these SPs;

    Asian Eden


    Bad Babie

    Considering to TOFTT on anyone of these SPs but i wanna get some feedback first. thanks in advance, guys

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    if Eden is real, id say her!! (and if you report back, ill probably go too!)

    bree, has different pics, either old pix or a complete different lady, and the worst ones are what your gunna get best case scenario...

    bad just no.

    my .02

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    I made an appointment with Asian Eden a few days ago. When I got to her hotel room the pictures of her werenít accurate at all. She looked like she was in her 50ís and a little heavier, as I think back now Iím not surprised, trust me this wasnít good. The room was also very dark as she quickly opened the door and had me enter. Letís just say, I got out of there quicker then I got in. I said the pictures of you arenít accurate and therefore I will not stay. She simply said okay and I left quickly dodging that bullet. Iím really happy that I did that while using the correct head this time.

    Iím beyond frustrated will all the fake adds along with all the embellished ones as well. Wow what happened to the good old days of backbage and knowing mostly what you were getting into, not to also mention the insane prices and extra that most SP charge. Gentlemen we need you more then ever to collectively share your experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly).

    I speak on behalf of all of us when I say, we need to continue to ween out the fake crap, bull shit and reward the SPís that are are also having to put up with our bullshit as it has a negative impact on all of them as well. My recommendations are Sophie, Ariana, playtime summer 69 and Mango in Vernon for an amazing bodyslide is worth the ride, probably want to book in advance For her.


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    Thank you,CrazyChris75. I agree with you on that, when Backpage was still in operation, the SP's seemed much more reputable and one seemed like they knew what (or expecting what) they were getting into. I saw Miki (back in September)at her KLO apartment and the experience was very mediocre and rushed. My go-to is Mel and playtime summer69 for reliability and decent service. It's been difficult lately with all these frauds/snakes and fakes!

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    Yeah, it's a short list of ladies that one will want to go to. For me Playmate Mel is still the gold standard in town for ladies who regularly work. I had a good experience with Brielle and will also be returning to see her. I need to go back and see Playmate Summertime 69, Ariana and Apple (European Doll) as I thought their was some promise there as well. Sophie has always peaked my interest but timing has never worked out. Jezzabelle looks great but her lack of respect for people's time is a big issue for me.
    For those ladies who have not seen me, I am open to meeting you if you are petite, mature, give a good BBBJ and are as respectful of my time as I am of yours.

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