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Thread: Anyone see this girl?

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    Anyone see this girl? Any one see this girl ? Is she legit? Anyone know her name?

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    This is the girl you're asking about.

    I've seen her.
    I liked her.

    That's about all I will say that I didnt say in the thread I linked.

    It looks like she changed her number to a free text number which makes sense. Especially given that she was having some minor irrelevant to her service drama with a former incall location. Try her and review her if it goes well or poorly let us know. I've been thinking about seeing her this week tbh.

    But hey whatever you do be nice to her she isn't one of the hardened sp's that can shrug off the toxic...or thats the impression I have of her from my times with her.

    Plus she wont choose a name ffs. Lol

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