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    Casey may independent

    Wow, what can I say about this beautiful lady?

    I saw her this evening on recommendation of her friend Sadie Rose whom I saw a few days ago. Sadie said Casey was great and the two friends work together , use the same in call, and will do an interactive duo as well. The two of them describe the duo as being pretty hot.
    Casey met me at the door of the Jubilee area apartment wearing a short skirt and nice top with a pretty colourful bra. A huge smile, full kiss and warm hug set the evening off on a good footing and things got much better from there.

    Casey is beautiful to my eyes, tall, lovely legs, lovely soft natural breasts and a beautiful smile that makes you feel right at home and welcome. We hit it off perfectly with plenty of kissing, laughter, caressing and nice sexual play. THis lady is passionate and skilled, eager to please and makes me feel like I'm a welcome partner on the bed. She is a great conversationalist, obviously educated and well travelled it seems.

    Honestly theres little chose between Casey or her friend Sadie. Both are GREAT, AWESOME. to be seen again before too long. A duo with the two of them would be a great experience for sure.

    Thank you Casey for a great visit.

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    I completely concur with Hogger’s review. I saw Casey a couple of months ago. brilliant young woman who provides exceptional service.

    Haven’t repeated... yet.


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