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Thread: Mia in Summerland

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    Mia in Summerland

    Hey guys,
    I always enjoy reading all of your posts and I thought that I’d write a quick review. I saw Mia today and she was the sweetest gal. She has a very nice figure (spinnerish), long legs and the cutest little pussy! She is well spoken and I felt very comfortable. I think that I found a gem! Her place is discreet. I’m not a very good writer, so I’ll keep it short. Thanks Mia!
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    Thanks for the review, I was interested about her myself. Can you tell me what the donation was?

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    Thanks for the review.

    Mia 3011

    phone: 7787673011
    older phone: 9029080303

    here are her other stats:
    Ethnicity Native
    Age 25
    Weight 120lbs
    Height 5ft 9in
    Measurements 38B/28/38
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Brown


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    Thanks rawjack.

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    Thanks for the review. On my radar too. Just gotta find the time!

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    Saw Mia today and can concur with Tradedude on his write up . Mia is very friendly and easy to talk too. Always smiling while doing the bone dance . Quite the firecracker in the sack ... everything is safe . Her place was a little messy but she acknowledged that . I will repeat

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