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    Gina Morgan

    Will be in Brandon in a couple of weeks … Looking for any info on Gina Morgan

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    I have nothing on Gina. Maxime Dupuis, Coralie French and Tiffany Birks are planning on being in YBR later this month.
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    for what it’s worth saw her 4 yrs ago. first attempt at setting up meeting was un eventful . communication went blank .
    when we finally did meet it was all worth the wait . back then she was in a 2 story condo . remember standing at the door and hearing the sounds of clicking heels comming down the stairs. visual at the door 1st impression �� . next up to the second floor room with snacks , wine. music , table to sit around and sip away at wine and chat . what happened above the sheets , well that’s our time and story. Gina is one fine person , ive often. texted her to come to wpg on a shopping trip weekend . all good

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    Hmm, I’ve tried contacting her once and she never replied... so I just moved on...
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