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Thread: Hamster/rabbits and Blockbuster Video

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    Hamster/rabbits and Blockbuster Video

    Dear Hamster,
    Kev was just wondering if you are the same Hamster that appears in the Blockbuster Video ads known as Ray? If it is you my niece thinks your really cute. Shes only 6 years old, so get THAT IDEA right out of your head. I told her i new the Hamster.....okay a little white lie, and she responded by asking me "if i could bring the Hamster home so she could hold it." I told her "the Hamster was very busy being unemployed, but would probably be very happy to meet with you in about 12 years. Assuming you grow up Morgan type gorgeous, and have a tight toe."

    If you are the Hamster in the BB Videos then i find it very interesting the Hamster working with a rabbit. I was thinking about the incident with the Hamster and the lovely Angelina. You work all day with Tom, (the rabbit in the BB Videos,) then looking to stretch your 6 inch you notice the presense of Tom's relatives in the same room. Very annoying indeed.
    For the record my niece only finds the Hamster adorable, not the rabbit. Your Friend --- Kev


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    I told my neice it was a Hamster, and i'm sticking to it. Plus i think i may have got the Hamster worked up with the prospect of budding tight toe. heheh --- Kev


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    Ray & Carl Feud

    Hey Kev where do you think Hamster developed his aversion to rabbits. Sometimes when you put a couple of prima dona actors together you have a clash of egos. I hear that Ray and Carl now dispise each other after working together.

    "Ray looks too big to be a hamster"

    Common Fratboy be sensitive Hamster has a pituitary problem he doesn't like to discuss. His pituitary gland produces too much HGH (Hamster Growth Hormone) causing him to grow abnormally large for a hamster.

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    Carl? I was informed the rabbits name was Tom, but now that you mention it. Guinea Pig? Maybe i need to attend rodent school 101. heheeh
    Funny commercials nonetheless. --- Kev

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    Exclamation Rabbit!

    Ok, I found this on the Cindy Sin site and thought what a cute bunny rabbit! What do you think Hammy? Still shying away from the cotton tail?

    Nice Tail!

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    thought it was a guinea pig. hmmm

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    Ok guys i stand corrected its a guinea pig. Its clear i don't know my animals. Well that lets the Hamster off. Nothing personal this was all in fun. --- Kev

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