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Thread: Asian Coquitlam recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullCount View Post
    Be careful with 6655. Been bait/switched a few times.

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    Take the skytrain to get to metro town area in Burnaby. A lot of good girls over there......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creamteam View Post
    Yeah she was good. I totally regret not doing it but I assumed I would get milked more $$$ for extras when all I went there was for a $80 HJ. $140 for a HJ is pretty steep
    Kinda weird they would say $140 for HE when they offer FS for $180/45
    Except for one of them who offers it for $160/45

    Btw, could you identify who the smoke show was by a name in the ad or is it pick a
    name for any gal there? LOL!!
    Thanks for the info though CT, good old poco has been a wasteland since christ was a corporal. lol.

    But there were a few gems way back in the day. Ruby, Kelly at Ocean, Nicole, Penny......
    Sorry guys was just reminiscing.
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