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Thread: About Lorihouse quality

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    About Lorihouse quality

    Recently found Lorihouse 's girl is not that good then before is anybody feel the same ?
    The new girl viki is ugly as F**ked…
    last time the chole is very good hope get new girls soon

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    I saw Viki me too and i will say i dont think she is the girl from the pictures...or maybee she was on a really good day about 10 years ago !! Hahaha Yes it is something that pissed me off a bit... But the service was great for me awsome it was a good repair...They have Leah by the same time, i did read many reviews about how beautiful she is, but i did'nt see her yet...Maybe have a look on her my friend !! Good luck for the next one !! Enjoy Cheers.

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    I saw Viki as well, and yeah, she's not the same girl from the pictures, but I think I'm already vaccinated, usually I don't expect this anymore. But like Daniel6999 mentioned, I enjoyed the service. As the quality I don't know, I just started seeing their girls in August I think, but AFAIK they don't choose the girls, the girls or their agencies choose to come in available spots of time.

    I read good things from past reviews about Leah as well, I was hopping to see her this weekend but I hurt my knees on my date with Yoona from VIP this week, I'll wait a few days, hope she stays more one week at least.

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    I agree that Viki doesn't match her pics and she may not be as comparable to some of the other LH girls. However, I really enjoyed my session and she was very into it. Obviously looks plus skill are ideal but I've had some very good sessions with "average" looking girls.

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