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Thread: Retired/MIA girls you regret not seeing

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    Retired/MIA girls you regret not seeing

    Who are the Nanaimo girls who have seemed to leave the business you wish you could see, or see just one more time?

    For Me

    Natasha BOA - Had seen previously
    Laya- BOA - Had seen previously

    Karma (Leila) BOA - Missed out on, days away from booking when she left
    Emmanuel BOA - Missed out on
    Summertime 69 - Works in Kelowna now, indy’d In Nanaimo for a time
    Stella - When she offered F/S
    Cori BOA - Missed out on

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    hands down, Natalya

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    Karma previously with BOA , loved when she exploded at my residence.

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    Thanks for the PM Joeblow. Your inbox is full.

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    Folks, memory lane is fun, but some ladies are retired and don't want to be discussed and others still have serious issues that are made worse with public mention. Thread closed. You can reminisce in PM. thanks

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